Movie Club

Table Reads, Talk Shows, and Productions




The Movie Club has been a fixture in the evolution of social audio, being the first and largest club focused on movies, starting in summer 2020, Movie Club started with two fans of film who met on Clubhouse and were keen to talk about Gattaca. This partnership blossomed into the largest film-related club on Clubhouse and a series of ongoing shows including table reads, talk shows, and larger productions.

Today, Movie Club has multiple shows with a diverse set of content, voice actors, and guests.


Tablereads: An immersive performance experience combining movies, music and voice acting together.

Past Tablereads:

"Scream" w/ Tori Spelling

"Get Out" w/ Afro Horror

"Friday the 13th" w/ Kelli Maroney

"Reefer Madness"

"A Christmas Carol"

Behind The Screens: A weekly show that takes a deeper dive into the world of entertainment including movies, tv shows, streaming and gaming.

Past guests:

The Kingcast (Scott Wampler & Eric Vespe)

Pat Casey (Co-writer of Sonic 1 & 2)

Adam Altman

Will Weinbach

Jordan Rubin



Director - Ryan Joseph Murphy

Sound & Music - Affan Imran & Rob Therkelsen

Scripts - Meri Nash Aderhold

Marketing - Meg Button

PTR Artwork - Daniella Norling

Behind The Screens: 

Host - Ryan Joseph Murphy

Host - Brandon Gray (Founder of Box Office Mojo)

Sound - Affan Imran & Rob Therkelsen

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