LIVE: Scream - A haunted house adventure

An Original Scripted & Improvised Haunted Experience

Reddit Talk



Performed on Reddit October 29th, 2021. "Live Scream" combines the live haunted house experience with voice actors and a choose your own adventure format.

When several horror influencers decide to live stream a haunted house experience, they get more than bargained for when they realize the house really is haunted. Several times throughout the event, the production would pause and allow listeners to come on stage and decide where the story would go to next. The listeners would be presented with two choices and whichever choice got the most votes would be where the story lead.

After the performance was over, audience members were able to come on stage and ask the writer/actors questions. The "Live Scream" event lasted for 100 minutes and got over twenty thousand listeners to come through the room. It is one of the biggest live events ever held on Reddit Talk.

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director - Ryan Joseph Murphy

Sound & Music - Affan Imran

Tonya Green - Sapphire Sandalo

Patricia Hill - Sarah Natochenny

Jack Hill - Frank Garcia Hejl

Crew Member - Patrick Cronen

David Wolfbane - Jamil Mangan

Jessica White - Jamie Kristen Howard

Russell White - JJ Clark

Demon - Ryan Joseph Murphy

Marketing - Meg Button

PTR Artwork - Daniella Norling

Produced by Audiotorium

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